Success Story

SpyTec International

SpyTec sells state-of-the-art surveillance and spy gear. Their security expertise has been shared by many news outlets including CNN, NPR, CBS, and Fox News. They sell a wide range of products to both businesses and consumers. Their product line includes: real-time GPS trackers, dash cameras, hidden spy cameras, recording devices, and counter
surveillance detection products.

600% increase in Profit

The Challenge

SpyTec’s online growth had grown stagnant over the course of two years. Monthly sales had plateaued while cost per acquisition only increased which had led to them having a conservative budget. Their PPC marketing just wasn’t profitable, and they were ready to shut down their entire paid search program altogether and focus only on organic search and content. They decided to give it one last shot.
Profit Grew 2x in One Month and 7x After Six Months

“A mutual connection recommended me to Shalmie. I especially liked how the founder had previously ran marketing for an e-commerce giant that grew from $15mm in sales annually to over $150mm and that he personally had a background in PPC marketing. He was exactly what I needed.”
Joe, COO

Customized Solution


Exponential Results

SpyTec went from having a conservative budget to opening it up completely. With their account getting a total facelift, CPA had gone down 33%. They were then set up to succeed in the way any business would want: spend more, make more. SpyTec sees the value of Search Engine Marketing clearer with Shalmie. They were able to see results almost immediately with virtually zero risk. “Bottom line: Shalmie was able to offer expert help and delivered expert results.” - Joe, COO