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Expert Google Shopping and Google Merchant Center management is key to the success of any e-commerce retailer. Without the right kind of marketing love, the products you put so much time into making or re-selling won’t get the visibility they deserve. More marketing love equals more profit.

Increase My Google Shopping Profit

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Google Shopping vs Google Text Ads

Product Listing Ads on AdWords or PLA’s as they used to be called, is a powerful way to market physical products in ways traditional text ads cannot. It allows you to upload your entire product catalog into Google Merchant Center, so your products can show up visually in the search engine results. Gone are the days when all users would want to click were ten blue links. The chances of someone clicking on image is much higher than just clicking on text. Google began this process when they first introduced universal search back in 2007 and solidified it when they released product ad units back in 2011.

Which one is right for you? The answer should really be both. But there are differences and unique challenges to both mediums:

Traditional Text Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Increase My Google Shopping Profit


The Case for Facebook Ads

The secret to successful Facebook ads is what any social media consultant would tell you: it’s all about Facebook’s Custom Audiences. When web retargeting was first introduced, it was considered to be highly valuable low-hanging fruit. So too are Custom Audiences. For the uninitiated, Custom Audiences are audience lists that let you leverage your first party data and build campaigns around that data. That data could be anything from user engagement with your Facebook page, website interactions, purchase intent, purchases, and perhaps the most effective: CRM data.

Your CRM data is super powerful. For example, let’s say you had a list of leads whom you know have visited your website, downloaded a whitepaper, spoken to a sales rep over the phone but have still not closed the deal. You could argue that those leads are pretty darn qualified. Wouldn’t you want to keep that particular list warm by showing them relevant content through Facebook ads? Another extremely effective tactic for using CRM data is the ability to create lookalike audiences and campaigns around that data. Think about it. If you could find match people with similar high intent to those of your past customers, wouldn’t you want to leverage that?

It’s important to keep refreshing your custom audiences, and hiring a social media management company can help ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck with highly qualified campaigns. At Shalmie, we are all about showing clients a positive return on their investment. Profit comes first always. Keep in mind that custom audiences do not necessarily create demand for your products. After all, these are users who have already interacted with you somehow, however, they are very useful for activating and converting users into customers.

When it comes to creating demand, Facebook is a great channel to achieve that. Because of its robust targeting options, Facebook allows you the opportunity to try to target those who would be most likely to like your product. While this is a powerful way to spread awareness, it’s still a form of “cold” advertising that can run amok without proper strategy, monitoring, and iteration on what’s working for you. Having worked on thousands of of Facebook ad campaigns, we’ve learned a lot along the way and how to avoid common pitfalls. It’s our business to stay hyper-focused on growth and runs ad campaigns as efficiently as possible for you.