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Expert Google Shopping and Google Merchant Center management is key to the success of any e-commerce retailer. Without the right kind of marketing love, the products you put so much time into making or re-selling won’t get the visibility they deserve. More marketing love equals more profit.

Increase My Google Shopping Profit

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Increase My Google Shopping Profit

Google Shopping vs Google Text Ads

Product Listing Ads on AdWords or PLA’s as they used to be called, is a powerful way to market physical products in ways traditional text ads cannot. It allows you to upload your entire product catalog into Google Merchant Center, so your products can show up visually in the search engine results. Gone are the days when all users would want to click were ten blue links. The chances of someone clicking on image is much higher than just clicking on text. Google began this process when they first introduced universal search back in 2007 and solidified it when they released product ad units back in 2011. Which one is right for you? The answer should really be both. But there are differences and unique challenges to both mediums:

Traditional Text Ads

Traditional Google text ads are based on keyword terms. This seems logical as users type text in the Google search box and ask to see results based on those terms. In this case, you are usually competing in a marketplace over keywords you CHOOSE to bid on.Good PPC agencies know to leverage the right types of keywords efficiently, block unwanted traffic with negative keywords, target high profit margin items, segment users into audiences, etc.

Google Shopping Ads

Instead of picking out keywords you want your ads to show up, Google looks at your products and its attributes in the merchant data feed and then decides for what keywords you should be showing up. When this was first released, it came as a shock to paid search marketers.Instead of having a positive keyword strategy, you need a robust NEGATIVE keyword strategy.Not just that, you need to have your campaigns organized in a way that makes sense to your actual product categories, not just keywords descriptors of them. We use advanced tiered structure for your shopping campaigns to save you the most money possible.