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AdWords Management Services

Your PPC agency needs to do more than just buy ads for you. PPC management is about balancing growth with efficiency. We are a New York PPC agency team that provides expert search engine marketing services. Our core focus is creating profit-driven
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Increase My PPC Profit


The Case for Search Engine Marketing

Bottom line, without the right pay per click management services, you will be extremely disappointed and think that AdWords is a waste of money. It’s not wrong to base some opinions on experiences, but even if you did have one bad experience with a PPC marketing agency, be open to the fact that search engine marketing is the only type of advertising where potential customers have direct intention and are actually asking to be shown your ads. Think about it. In what other medium does this dynamic exist? They are coming to YOU instead of you pushing ads that may or may not be relevant to them like in display banners and traditional media like TV and print. That is the difference between push and pull advertising, so don’t give up on it so easily! The difference between a good PPC agency and a GREAT PPC agency is that a great PPC agency will take into account all the variables when it comes to getting to your ultimate goal: Profit. The SEM agency should take into account both online and offline touchpoints as well as have a firm understanding of your internal analytics, whether it be Google Analytics or some other platform. We find that having a holistic view of your entire marketing program is what leads to your success. Conversions, Conversion rate, Cost per Conversion. These are obviously the most important things to you or anyone that has a business. The thing about Google; however, is that they don’t care about this. It's not part of their algorithm at all! The AdWords management platform is a powerful tool engineered with the ability to bring you unlimited traffic, leads, and sales from paid search Text Ads, Google Shopping, and the Google Display Network. Except without the right amount of marketing love and control, your costs will skyrocket!