Tips to Upgrade the Landing Page Experience in AdWords Account

Do you know that the overall appearance and quality of your landing page can affect how Google AdWords appear on search result page and amount that you will pay on the ads? The Google AdWords landing page experience usually measures how effective an ad landing page is serving potential customers. It actually tells if Google thinks that the landing page is meeting the expectations of the users. This information usually affects the rank AdWords placed by the advertiser. For instance, if the AdWords quality score is poor, then the ad rank will be low and the amount that the advertiser will pay on the ad will be high. In fact, if the quality is extremely poor, the ad will not run. The good news is that Google has clearly given recommendations that advertisers can use to optimize their ads landing page. If you follow the guideline to the latter, then your business AdWords landing page experience will significantly improve. This will help you sell more. In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to improve your AdWords landing page experience.

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1. Provide useful, original and relevant information

The worst thing that you can ever do as merchant when running your AdWords campaign that is directing visitors to a website that does offer quality and relevant content that they are looking for. An advertiser good landing page may not be relevant to customer who has clicked that link from Google. For instance, when a potential customer searches for the keyword “best men cologne” then clicks on the ad that has just popped up and the ad reads “best wax based solid college”, the customer would expect to find information about “best men cologne” and anything less than that will not be useful to him/her. The visitor is less likely to follow the navigation in order to locate what he/she is looking for. That is why it is very important to ensure that there is a strong relationship between the information that the ad has shown and the content displayed in the landing page. Both the ad and the landing page should be specific to enhance customer satisfaction.

2. Ensure that your web pages loads quickly

It is no secret that Google prefers web pages that loads quickly. In fact, the rate of page speed is a crucial factor that Google has used to rank web pages on search engine result page since 2009. Starting this July, page speed will play a critical role in determining mobile search ranking. If you want to improve your AdWords landing page experience score, then it is very important to improve loading speed of your landing page.

3. Ensure that your web pages are mobile optimized

For long period of time, most businesses have made their website mobile friendly in order to have an upper edge over their competitors. However, things have completely changed. More people are using their smartphones to access the internet when compared to PC. In fact, in 2018, an estimate of 52.2% of all internet traffic across the globe came from mobile devices. Statistics also show that more than 60% of search engine traffic actually from mobile devices. This means that most clients that businesses get access internet from their mobile devices. It is therefore very important to optimize your website to make it mobile friendly. Google recommends that advertisers should use accelerated mobile pages (AMP) to improve efficiency when running their AdWords campaign.

4. Ensure that your website is easy to navigate

The main aim of Google AdWords is to take visitor to web pages that clearly answers their questions or lead them to the product that they are looking for. However that does not mean that the landing page should not have efficient navigation tools. In addition to directing the customer to the right product, an effective landing page should also make it easy for the customer to locate call to action, find supporting information easily as well as identify other similar products. Google does not like features such as pop ups that in most cases, usually interfere with user experience. In fact, any good marketer will not want to spoil the mood of a serious customer with a newsletter pop up.

5. Ensure that the website is secure

If you are running an eCommerce website, then you must ensure that it uses the secure HTTPS protocol. It gives customers secure shopping experience. That is why Google has adversely mentioned HTTPS when describing an effective AdWords landing page. It is a very important feature that you need to incorporate on your eCommerce site.