7 Strategies for Optimizing Your Amazon Product Listing

Like other merchants, increasing your sales on Amazon is your biggest goal. Because Amazon is the biggest online marketplace that is trusted by customers all over the world, selling your products on this platform is an incredible way to not only increase your sales, but to also expand your online presence.

One thing you need to understand is that ranking high on Amazon requires you to better understand the Amazon product ranking algorithm, the A9. Amazon is basically a search engine like any other, and so it’s important that you think about optimizing your Amazon product listing. To boost your product’s visibility that will significantly
raise your conversions and greatly improve your ROI, these 7 useful strategies for optimizing Amazon listing are a sure bet.

1. Consider optimizing for Amazon SEO

First things first, you need to understand Amazon’s search
algorithm, the A9, in order to rank your products high on the SERPS. Because Amazon sorts search results based on factors such as relevance and performance, your job is to find out what Amazon shoppers are asking about, the specific keywords used, and the actual search volume of keywords on Amazon. With this information, include relevant keywords and incorporate long tail keywords in your listing text, track daily changes in keyword rankings, include bullet points with spacing between two lines, and enable zoom function in product photos.

2. Optimize your product titles

Optimizing your product titles will get you the biggest
returns for your efforts. According to Amazon, your product title should include details like brand, product type, product line, size of the product, color, quantity, and material or key feature.

3. Optimize product description

Optimizing Amazon Listing also requires you to optimize product descriptions. Luckily, Amazon has made it extremely easy to optimize your product description through their brand new Enhanced Brand Content.

This feature gives you a number of easy-to-use templates
from which you can build a great online shopping experience for your customers. Enhanced Brand Content allows you to:

• Make your product
description more scannable

• Add images within
product description for enhanced visual effect

• Add subheadings,
paragraphs, bullet points, bold, italics, and underlined text

• Section your
description into logical chunks of information

4. Choose the right category for your product

Because shoppers browse products based on category, it’s
important to select the right category for your products. One of the best ways to determine the right category to select is looking at a few competitors and categorize accordingly. For example, if all your competitors are in the same category and have high revenues, use the same exact category.

5. Utilize PPC keywords

Because PPC has a positive impact on product listing
optimization, consider running Amazon’s pay-per-click ads. Do this by looking at your product ads and filter any keywords with an Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) below 25%. Then, list these keywords into your product’s description, the headline, and backend keywords for better integration. Running PPC ads will greatly improve your product listing and generate more revenue.

6. Make your products available for Amazon Prime

Recently, it has been estimated that the Amazon Prime
subscription service already has approximately 65 million subscribers, bringing in 90% of Amazon’s total revenue. In a recent research, it was discovered that the primary reason why US Amazon Prime members signed up for membership is because of the free 2-day shipping. What does this mean? Shoppers are more willing to purchase products with fast and free shipping compared to those that ship at a low speed with an additional cost. So to improve your product visibility and increase sales, you need to make it eligible for Amazon Prime.

7. Include an AISN in your product field

Listing an ASIN in your product field is a sure way to
generate more traffic to your page. This is a great option especially if you are competing for cost with an almost similar product. The ASIN is usually included in the product URL. In addition to including an ASIN into your product field, ensure that your product has a lower price compared to that of the competitors.

Wrap up

Optimizing Amazon Listing is simply a matter of following
the right guidelines and knowing what optimizing strategies to increase your product visibility. With these 7 strategies, you can greatly improve your conversions and increase revenue.