Three Misconceptions that Lead to Unfortunate PPC Breakups

marketing is undoubtedly one of the fastest and surefire ways to get customers for your business. Problem is that people don’t always run the pay-per-click campaigns the right way, therefore, they end up wasting lots of money. And when it doesn’t work, they start thinking that PPC isn’t for them and won’t have a positive impact on their quality score. They unfortunately break up with PPC.

PPC is a Silver Bullet to End All Marketing Problems

Most people make the very erroneous presumption that PPC is a silver bullet that will instantly and completely end all of their marketing problems. Once they pay for PPC, they forget all other areas of online marketing and hope that PPC alone can guarantee a generous stream of customers. The truth is that it is ill-advised to drop all other marketing channels such as TV advertising and billboards just because you jumped onto the bandwagon of PPC advertising.

Well, that isn’t to say that you ought to stick to the advertising channels you currently are using however expensive
and inefficacious, but you need to conscientiously consider each action before executing. PPC campaigns can’t stand alone. It just needs to supplement the other marketing channels to creating a formidable marketing synergy that will bring customers to your doorstep in droves.

Paid Search is Too Expensive Compared to Search Engine Optimization

There is also a section of online marketers who decide to jump ship merely because they think that PPC is more expensive as compared to SEO. Many marketers are under constant pressure to scale down their PPC’s program because it is perceived to be performing worse off than direct traffic and organic search. However, study after study has revealed that PPC is actually the leading source of leads and revenue for marketers. But you’ll still find executives and sales agents targeting PPC when they need to make budget cuts.

Granted, if you are working any SEO company, you’ll only need to fork out some consulting fees, unlike when working with a PPC agency where you’ll have to cover the costs of ads as well as shell out fees for consultation. Rather than dismiss PPC offhand, it is always good to consider the Return on Investment relative to the fees paid to PPC agencies. It will be discovered that when PPC is paired with other marketing channels, the results are astoundingly positive and heartwarming.

PPC Will Do Everything for You

It isn’t uncommon to find marketers who decide to rest on their laurels thinking that PPC will do everything for them. What they fail to understand is that paid search is a marketing channel that needs creativity. It is dynamic. It needs individuals who are read to think outside the box and discover novel ways to leverage on the PPC programs to make a dime.

After you’ve put in a lot of work to paid search, don’t abandon the program to itself. Keep changing the ads, employing your creativity, and use that same infrastructure to sell other products and services of he company.

In conclusion, before you quit PPC marketing, it is important to do a soul-search and find out what the problem could be – maybe it is a misconception on your side, and whatever hitch is causing a dip in the sales can be easily resolved.