How can MailChimp’s New Google Remarketing Ads Tool Help You?

MailChimp has proven itself to be an essential cog in many businesses’ online marketing campaigns – and it recently added a powerful new feature to its services: Google Remarketing Ads.

With MailChimp, companies can automate their marketing emails, boosting engagement without losing valuable time that could be better-spent elsewhere. The introduction of Google Remarketing Ads takes MailChimp’s value further, and makes it simpler for companies to integrate Google Ads into their campaigns.

Remarketing is basically a fast, effective way to draw prospects back to your website after leaving transactions incomplete. Customers (or would-be buyers) abandon their shopping carts for various reasons online – perhaps you have to take a phone call, leave to investigate alternative options, or simply feel uncertain whether to invest.

Remarketing ads target those visitors and reminds them of the products they left behind.

Considering the amount of time and effort that goes into driving traffic to your site in the first place, simply letting distracted or uncertain prospects leave without trying to win them back can cost you invaluable custom. Remarketing is a cost-effective method of recapturing their interest and boosting conversions.

Setting Up

MailChimp’s Google Ads service begins when businesses link their online store to MailChimp. It starts to build ads automatically, showcasing your brand’s bestselling items with your own personal touches – namely, a custom headline and irresistible content. You can select specific products to advertise too, if you want to focus customers’ attention directly.

Google Remarketing Ads will appear on thousands of relevant websites across the Google Display Network, over desktop and mobile connections. The latter is especially important, as smartphones and tablets are overtaking computers as the browsing-hardware of choice. Using mobile devices to shop and investigate brands is the more convenient option, and targeting mobile websites means you’re appealing to a growing dempographic.

Marketing on All Scales

Every business in every industry can benefit from MailChimp’s new Google Remarketing Ads, and as it’s integrated into their service, your marketing efforts are maximized ‘under one roof’. With Google Remarketing Ads added to the MailChimp dashboard, it’s now more of a multichannel platform, and means businesses on a tighter budget can get more for their money.

Google Remarketing Ads can be set up with a couple of clicks, and once your ads are customized, you’ll be ready to start driving traffic back to your site. However, it’s essential to remember that this will take time and testing to get right – you’ll need to play around with your ads’ headlines, your copy, and the types of products you display.

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