How to Create Local Content for Local SEO

Small business owners often find themselves in tough competition with big companies when it comes to search engine rankings. It could be very difficult to rank especially these big businesses are paying big bucks to get themselves to the top. The good news is, there is a tried and tested strategy called local SEO that could help get your small business an edge over your big competitors. Local SEO performs on a different algorithm compared to national results. It identifies local queries based not just on keywords but on context and makes use of the user’s location to bring them to the top 3 local results.

This way, competition is reduced to your own geographic locality only. It involves a few simple steps where you would have to establish local citations across the internet, update your website to reflect your business’ current location, and make sure that you have good reviews on directory sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Furthermore, you need to develop strong content marketing strategies, including Search Engine Optimization, to increase your local relevance. That means your website needs local-specific written content.

How Does This Work?

Here are a few things you need to ensure when using SEO to rank on local results.

Local Keywords

First, you need to optimize local keywords on your content. Include more local keywords like the name of your city, the state where your business is located or the region. It would help Google understand the relevance of your business in its location and help improve its ranking for a broader range of queries.

Locally Relevant Content

Ensure that you have sufficient content that is locally relevant to get higher ranking in searches. You can post articles like the top 5 cafes in your city, top 10 things to do in the region, and other similar articles.

Recognition of Residence

Ultimately, use your content to take advantage of the loyalty of residence and recognize those who already know your business. This will help you improve your reputation, expand your reach, and get better reviews.

You should focus on the region of your business’ location but be creative and find ways to always make the content fresh and interesting.

Incorporating Keywords into Effective Topics

Do not make the mistake of just throwing out these local keywords for Search Engine Optimization purposes. It’s crucial that the keywords make sense in the article and fit naturally. Do not place keywords that are out of place. They must be relevant to the topic and go with the flow.

Here are some of the topics that you can discuss that are locally relevant and would help you rank higher.

  • Local events

Be updated with what’s going on in your area and help promote them. Aside from helping the local residents and those who are planning to visit the town, readers will take interest in your website and might even follow you for updates. For an even bigger exposure, you could also be involved in the event or be a sponsor.

  • Specials

This is especially effective for businesses that have chains in different locations. Advertise location-specific specials and in doing so, incorporate local keywords and give people incentives to attend. Make it informative instead of sounding like an advertisement.

  • Comparisons

You can also post content that compares competing businesses in specific industries including your own. Do not promote your own business too much and be objective. These types of content are very popular to residents trying to decide where to eat or where to buy a certain item.

Other things you can post about are local news and company announcements. The important thing in local SEO strategy is to establish your presence.