How to Create a Better PPC Campaign for Real Estate

Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in making your real estate website visible. However, the fact is that only 10 real estate websites can be seen on the first page of search engine result page at a time for a given phrase or keyword. So the big question is, what happen to the other 90% of real estate websites? The best option that they have is investing in pay per click (PPC). This form of marketing gives real estate websites that are not
on first page of search engine an equal chance of getting quality leads just like those that website that appears on first page get. In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to Optimize a PPC Campaign for Real Estate.

Real Estate

1. Geo-targeting

Real estate agents usually target audience who are within their locality. For instance, if your real estate company is situated in New York City, then your marketing camping will target local people residing in that
city. Although this marketing technique works, it usually lock out many people who are looking for houses or apartment in that particular city but they reside outside the city. For instance, an individual may be residing in California but may search for apartment for rent in New York because he/she want to relocate because of work transfer. Therefore, when optimizing your PPC campaign, it is recommended that you choose settings that allows you to target potential clients who are looking for property in your target location but are not physically located
in that particular area. In addition to that, when targeting a particular city, it is recommended that you target the largest metro area because that is the area where most people move or relocate.

2. Don’t ignore negative keywords

Negative keywords is a search criteria that prevents certain ads from showing up. For instance, if you are not interested in dealing with certain types of homes, then you can list them as your negative keywords. This means that every time an individual search those terms, then your ads won’t show up. You can take advantage of negative keywords to weed out untargeted search that does no bring any tangible lead. This will ensure that only serious people who want to take an action get to see your ads.

3. Remove low intent searches

Another prudent way to OptimizePPC campaign for real estate is by removing low intent searches. There are some searches that don’t give tangible leads. Removing such searches will help reduce the chance of getting leads that don’t go through.

4. Use add extensions

Google usually release updates that also factors ad extensions. When optimizing your ads, it
is recommended that you take advantage of this new feature and leverage at least 3 ad extensions on every ad.

5. Use location extensions

Location extensions plays a crucial role because they help to give the visitor crucial information such as your location distance and city, a clickable call button as well as street address location.

6. Use Site link extensions

People usually look for different things when they visit a real estate website. For instance, some people may be looking for 5 bedroom apartment while other may look for a studio. It is very important to direct a visitor to
the page that he/she is looking for. Satisfaction can increase the chance of a visitor taking an action.

7. Use call extensions

You need to take advantage of call only ad campaign to make it easy for your target clients to call you. However, you need to ensure that your call line is working so that you don’t inconvenience clients.