Four Ways To Stay Effective When The AdWords Interface Changes

The latest AdWords interface design has sparked a stir in the PPC industry. Despite the fact that it’s pretty, the new change upsets the work of many CPP specialists. Luckily, advertisers who utilize third-party tools such as Optmyzr are in a better position to transitioning their workflow as compared to those who are entirely dependent on AdWords PPC tools provided by Google.

AdWords PPC

Optmyzr takes into account the fact that most account managers have limited time and they will make informed decisions based on the best workflow for each situation. With that said, here are some of the top four ways Optmyzr presents options for account managers on how to maximize their time while achieving more in PPC on Bing Ads and AdWords.

Go Wide With Quick Earnings Optimizations

To make a perfect account, PPC professionals need to dedicate some few hours on the account. However, they don’t have enough time for that since they are pulled in different directions which makes even spending 5 minutes on an account at the same time hard to achieve. But, small improvements could be beneficially when done often.

Optmyzr recently launched the Optmyzr express initiative which is aimed at equipping users with faster access to payouts alongside a user-friendly inbox format. These features enable Optmyzr express to work very fast since the algorithm that its build with discovers new suggestions every day. Therefore, when an account manager visits the platform, data is already cached and set for instant action.

Go Deep With One-Click Optimizations

This technique is essential when considerably more time can be spent on optimization and if going further to repairing a more significant part of an account is possible. While quick wins are aimed at the highest priority opportunities, deep dive based on a statistical approach is very helpful. However, in AdWords PPC, the process could entail downloading lots of reports with accounts data and combine them into excel and using it to develop an AdWords editor compliant file containing the changes needed.

Optmyzr makes all these steps quite easy by automating them, plus it has the capability of scanning lots of search queries for an account and initiates development of single-keyword ad groups for those terms which are promising.

Go Deep And Wide With Optimization Checklists

Optmyzr developed account workouts which are customizable PPC workflow. These workouts enable advertisers to add deep optimizations to their tasks. The main benefit of using Optmyzr as compared to a generic list of things to do is that it is integrated deeply with PPC engines. The account workouts present good optimizations when the account managers go through the to-do list of the workout. The optimizations presented come in the correct order, with the right customizations made by the account owner, and in the correct columns which makes deciding which suggestion should be accepted much easier.

Vacation With AdWords As An Autopilot

If you have no time, maybe you are planning for a vacation then you might find AdWords scripts quite helpful. AdWords scripts are ideal for use in business activities such as budget management and PPC automation. This is because AdWords scripts can regularly check the accounts after every hour and initiate appropriate actions such as sending an email on a keyword with excessive expenses, interrupting campaigns which have exhausted their monthly budgets or even generating back office reports on how various correspondence performed.


This AdWords PPC management platforms enable advertisers across the globe to manage online advertising efficiently through utilization of smart optimization suggestions. Due to their excellence in PPC management software, Optmyzr has been recognized at the MENA search awards 2017 and US search awards 2015.