For Ecommerce: Display Vs. Search Advertising?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marketer, determining whether you should use display advertising or search advertising for your eCommerce marketing campaign is not easy. Using the wrong channel for your campaign can potentially ruin the success of your campaign. Luckily, there are ways in which decide which between the two is the best for your eCommerce business and which one of them will generate more conversions.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

What is Display advertising? This is advertising on apps or websites through banner ads or any other ad formats made of images, text, flash, audio, and video. The primary purpose of this form of advertising is to deliver brand messages to your site visitors. Here are the benefits of display advertising:

1. Drive Awareness Display advertising is one of the best advertising methods to create awareness for new brands and companies because it does not rely on the users to search for your business. They are also great for building awareness because they are displayed in places where potential customers may be found.

For instance, if an online user is on a blog for vegetarian recipes, they may see banner ads for health food stores. This user may not have been aware of this store, but the banner ad would create awareness. Marketers gather this data by studying users’ demographics, demographics as well as previous search histories.

2. Retargeting

Let’s say a potential customer has visited your site but has not converted. Display advertising gives you the chance to pull those customers back to your site with retargeting. Your banner ads remind them about your products; thus increasing the chance of converting.

3. High volume

Display ads have high visibility and promote your business to the right audience. When you use these ads, they will be shown to users who maynot have been aware of your business and prompt them to visit your site. Even they were not a part of your target audience; they will still see your ad.

Search advertising

Search advertising, also known as pay-per-click advertising, is an inexpensive way to reach your target audience. With search ads, you can control which user sees the adverts with almost instant results. PPC ads are usually shown on search engine results after a certain phrase or keyword has been searched meaning that there is a higher chance of conversion because you only get relevant traffic. Here are the benefits of Search Advertising

1. Qualified leads

If done effectively, Search advertising can significantly boost traffic to your e-commerce website and lead to higher conversions. You’ll be able to get qualified leads as customers will search for phrases or keywords that match your products thus bringing results that have your PPC ads. PPC advertising usually drives higher CTR than display advertising because of it brings qualified leads.

2. Measurable data

Google AdWords makes it easy for you to measure the performance of your search ads. Simply open your Google AdWords account, select “Campaigns”, and click “Keywords.” This will show you how well your customers are responding to your phrases and keywords.

3. Budget-friendly
If you are looking to save money, search advertising may be the best option for you. With search ads, you don’t pay for them unless someone has clicked on them. By bidding only on relevant keywords, the users who will click on them will be likely qualified leads, meaning that there’s a higher chance of conversion.

In Conclusion

When you are beginning a new campaign for your eCommerce site, it’s always difficult to identify which form of advertising is best for you. You need to consider factors like your main goal, budget, and search volume before making your decision. Sometimes, it’s better to utilize both methods both to increase conversions and maximize your ROI.