Ultimate Guide to Dominating Black Friday PPC in 2017

Black Friday 2017 will be a money-spinning opportunity for pay per click campaigns. If you start and manage your campaigns right, you will stand to benefit from them for many years to come. In the whole weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, you need to get your game right as a digital marketer. Read on for tips to dominate Black Friday PPC this 2017.

Prepare in advance

You don’t have to spend your entire day in your office doing pay per click marketing. Plan before the day arrives. Define what campaigns and offers you will be running. Analyze your past campaigns and find out what strategies work. What keywords perform better? What budgets do you need? What product descriptions do you need use? After answering all that, write your ads some in advance and upload them to your AdWords account. This way if Google disapproves your add you will get time to restructure them. Writing and uploading ads on the D-day is risky, you will lose valuable time if they get vetoed.

Budget and bidding

Check your automated ads for issues. In Google, you can remove the bids and check the scripts in AdWords Editor. It is possible that you might get a different bid than the actual one because automation changes all the time. And another thing, you need to increase your bidding budget on Black Friday. On this day, product brand and model searches rise, and so with a big budget, you will have an opportunity to gain more with your ads.

Writing and setting up your ads

You don’t have to overhaul the whole of your ad writing techniques, Just do what you have been doing with other promotions, but this time keep the ads relevant and more detailed. Use Black Friday Promotion Extensions when writing your ads. The extensions have extra space that will allow you to be detailed with your descriptions. You can also temporarily change your site links so that when a user clicks on your website, they are directly taken to your hot products for sale. On the search engine results let your offers stand out conspicuously.

Keep your ads relevant to Black Friday

In digital marketing, the rule of thumb is to run ads themed on current events. That goes for Black Friday too; in your ads include Black Friday’ references lest your customers forget. Take time and write the latest ad copies for your hot products and categories, don’t use your old ad copies. According to business psychology, a sense of urgency stimulates customers, so add a countdown timer on your site to when the offer expires. Undoubtedly, as the deadline approaches your conversion rates will be increasing.

Use the scarcity technique

A good offer is not good enough until it’s scarce. In your, AdWords let the link to your website explicitly state that what your offer is, and indicate that only a small inventory is left for the hot product. If your line of products is headphones, the Ad could read: �Save 25 % on Pyle Sound, only 33 left today’. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a small inventory, but also have back up promotions ready for other models of headphones in case you run out of Pyle Sound.

The above tips will help you stay ahead of your competitors on black Friday PPC in 2017. Also, consider automating ads so that you don’t lose time with ads when if you forget to activate them manually.