What is the Difference Between Google Ads & Amazon Ads Optimization

Google ads have been in existence for long period of time. However, the introduction of Amazon ads into the market changed the game completely. Both platforms are now fighting for supremacy. Although both Google ads and Amazon ads have some things in common, there are distinct differences particularly when it comes to ad optimization. However, most eCommerce merchants use both platforms interchangeably because they think that they are similar but that is not the case. In this article, we are going to tell you major differences between optimizing Google ads and amazon ads.


Difference in bid types

One major difference between amazon ads and Google ads is bid types available. Amazon bid types are fairly limited. On the other hand, Google ad has larger collection of bid types. For instance, Amazon ads don’t have negative broad keywords. They tested broad negative a few years ago and it did not work well. Google on the other hand offer larger collection of bids that enable advertiser to maximize their conversion rates.

Difference in goals

Ecommerce merchants who advertise on Google can aim to help users search for certain information or knowledge, buy certain products or convince them to sign for a particular program. However, that is not the case with amazon ads. All ads on Amazon aim to convince the customer to click on the ad then click add to cart button. This means that amazon advertisers don’t have to worry about two product fighting for the same keyword. The main aim of amazon is to convince users to buy product as opposed to helping them gather information or take certain action.

Difference in role of product review

Amazon ads act like Google play store and iTunes where they encourage users and customers to make honest customer reviews. However, that is not the case with Google AdWords. Product reviews plays a crucial role and can act as an additional keyword that can improve the products visibility and rank. Google AdWords has not integrated product reviews on their platform.

Difference in auto campaigns

Unlike Google AdWords where auto campaign is often seen as total waste of money and resources, they work in Amazon ads. This means that you can actually launch both manual and automatic campaigns all at the same time on Amazon. Automatic targeting actually means that you are only required to launch the search campaign and the platform will take care of the rest. This move has proven to be useful to advertisers because the platform is able to pick keywords and other important phrases that you may not have thought of when conducting keyword research.

Difference in the way ads run

On Amazon, advertiser’s ads won’t run if they don’t have the buy box. This means that if you are not an exclusive seller, then other seller might benefit from your ads campaign. However, that is not the case with Google AdWords. You don’t have to have the buy box in order to have your ads displayed.

In conclusion, ad optimization for Amazon and Google are completely different as discussed above. This means that that you need to implement different strategies and understand what customer want in both platforms