Deal With Competitors That Target Your Brand Terms in PPC

Sometimes the play field can tilt in favor of your competitor and there is little you can do. Yes, you are reading this right.
If you are into e-commerce you must be well familiar with branded binding and PPC, Right?
Branded biding can work for and against your business bringing in profit and or loss of business in equal measures. Think through this;


Just when you want to take a sigh of relieve, wipe the years of sweat and hard work it took you to get your web page to the top of Google’s first page, your top position is unfairly taken from you by a competitor with a Pay Per Click Ad targeting your brand terms.

What do you do? Well, from your side it looks unscrupulous and gravely unfair but not everyone is thinking that way. Google reviewed their policy way back in 2008 making it legal to bid against a competitor’s brand. All that you need to do is avoid their trademark name and you are good to go.
When a competitor engages in branded bidding targeting your brand terms here is how to go about in order to salvage your brand and your valuable traffic.

1. Analyze your competitor’s Ad to see if Google can pull it down.
Often than not your competitor will not voluntarily remove the Ad. Take a closer look at the content of the Ad and if you find that your competitor has mention your trademark name then you have a right to launch a complaint. How do you go about it? Launching a complaint is easier than you might think. Put down your grievances indicating the trademark infringement and submit to Google.

2. Make the competitor know that you are aware of the Ad and write an email requesting the competitor to take off the Ad.
If your traffic is of high value with high conversion, you have to do everything it takes to salvage it including swallowing your pride for once. Reaching out to your competitor may seem like a demeaning act but carefully weighing all the option it is the most reasonable thing to do.
Drafting out a polite email is the best way to approach the entire mess. Unlike making a phone call that can make things even nastier, a polite email will keep the competitor time to think things through. Chances are that he will reconsider and pull down the Ad.

3. Place your own branded Ads
Pay Per Click won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, it’s really cheap to place a PPC Ad if you understand your market niche.
So why don’t you take advantage and dominate the search engine first page? You can knock off your competitor from the top position by bidding strategically. Always do more research and bid for the right keyword.

4. Targeting your competitor’s brand terms
You can equally serve your competitor a cold dish of revenge! Although it should be the last resort it can work to your advantage if your competitor has more traffic and high conversion. When you have exhausted all avenues of business good practice you can go all out guns blazing by targeting their branded keywords. The strategy can make the competitor remove the Ad.

When your brand terms are targeted by your competitor you should approach the whole issue with caution. Begin by exploring ways of convincing the competitor to remove the Ad. When the competitor is adamant you can equally target the competitors branded terms. Surprisingly this can work to your own advantage.