Branding success: Why do you need a PPC Brand Campaign

For most times, brand creators wonder if they need to bid on their brand-related keywords yet they rank in the number 1 spot and get organic traffic from the search engines. To them, this seems like wastage of resources that could be directed to generic campaigns. However, in order to create more brand awareness and improve CRTs, PPC expert recommend running a brand campaign.

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You may be wondering:
What does PPC brand campaign entail?

Before we dive into why a campaign is important for your business, let’s cover some basics. This campaign involves bidding on keywords that correlate with your website and brand name.

For example: say you generate a campaign for XYZ model’. For this keyword, you should bid on keywords such as XYZ model software’, XYZ’, XYZ model sign up’, and XYZ model guide’. You should also bid on common misspellings like YXZ model’. Ads related to these related keywords direct your new users to your homepage or other areas on your site.

Why are related keywords important?
Assures you the top position in organic search

Today, your website may rank in position #1 in organic results but that does not guarantee that you will retain that post tomorrow. Your competitors may bid on your brand and outrank you.

For example, Your competitors could bid on keywords relating to your XYZmodel’ brand and create ads around those keywords. These ads will appear at the top of search results, while your organic search result will be pushed down. This means that all organic traffic will be directed to your competitors’ website. Running a campaign related to your brand name assures you of the top position.

Keeps you in control

The ability to control your brand’s message is another major reason why you need to run a campaign. Generating different ad copies for your company enables you to test various messages and gauge your clients’ response. The responses you get will enable you to update your content.

Highlights new products or promotion

There is a lot of real estate between organic listings and paid ads that you should take advantage of. Your paid ad appears on top of the organic listing. On the ad, you can include information that is not included in the organic listing; Information that your clients would find useful and click that link.
For example, you can highlight same-day delivery services, coupons, or new products.


Right now you may be thinking, “This is great but wouldn’t it cost me much?” Well, CPCs (Cost per Click) will cost you just a few cents. This is affordable. These few cents or dollars will drive in thousands of new orders.

Creates trust

Appearing on both PPC ads and organic results creates synergy. Most people click on the first three results on a search page because they presume search engines trust those websites more. Having double listings makes your website more visible. It also gives you more brand authority and recognition.

A PPC brand campaign helps you to target not only consumers who are aware of your brand but also those new consumers who are searching for less definite terms. If you are not running a brand campaign, start one immediately. Bidding on related brand terms will keep your website at the top spot, protect your brand from the competition, and bring you more orders.