Best tips on Ecommerce PPC to improve your advertising Return On Investment

Unprecedented growth is evident on ecommerce and it should have reflected on your returns by now! If not, what are you doing that is not right? Room for improved return on investment of your ecommerce site through PPC is infinite, only if you do it right. Here are the tips that can help your ecommerce website reap the boom in the industry through PPC.


It all begins with location

The wisdom in the age-old advice from the experts- where you advertise matters- is a gem worth its value when it comes to realizing profits from PPC. Sticking with popular sites like Google Merchant and Amazon advertising seems inevitable. The cost may seem a deterrent factor but your agency should help you nail pages with high traffic and high PPC conversion rates.

Great landing site with quality content

Fascinating content that matches your advertising and grabs the attention of the online users on the go should be given a priority. Content is a do or die for an ecommerce site advertised through PPC. The content should be crisp and scripted to grab the reader’s attention.

But that is not all! The user should be able to pinpoint the product of interest at a glance. Lastly, make the content relevant to the user and for the search engine. How do you do that? Well, a landing ecommerce site with legible and easy to read content offers great user experience and has a high conversion. On the other hand, include keywords for the search engine if you are using an agency that uses SEO.

Use Optimized and Focused shopping Ads

You won’t run out of options when it comes to optimizing shopping Ads. However, there is a list of a-must-use optimizing shopping Ads. To begin with, use negative keywords in your advertising. What is the importance of using negative keywords? Well, it has a two-prong positive impact. First, it lowers the cost of PPC Ads and secondly, it allows you to prevent unwanted traffic but still bid higher. The importance of creating Ad Extensions cannot be overstated. Structured snippets set the ground to showcase brands, styles, and types of your products. Other ways of optimizing your shopping Ads include the use of PLAs and text ads.

Understand customer’s journey

Getting the best ROI from PPC ads would require you understand the journey of the customers that click on the PPC ads. Investing in ways that can make customers land on your ecommerce page with ease and not necessarily clicking on Ads helps you to save on advertising cost. There is one more thing! Checking the sale funnel will help you know where customers leave.

Focus on Ecommerce tracking

Stay informed and cut on non-performing Ads. What is the best way to do this? It is not complicated as you might think. Tracking hot selling products is a no-brainer task since you can use tracking tools from SEO services. Based on this information, you can know products that do not improve your advertising ROI.


Improving your advertising ROI is not as complicated as you might think. By understanding and implementing these tips you can reap from the unprecedented growth of ecommerce.