Avoiding common PPC myths

PPC advertising is relatively new to online marketing. Many online businesses have finally warmed up to the idea and PPC marketing has become a favorite for companies. The world of online marketing is ever changing and PPC
advertising has also evolved in the time it has been around. Some of the ideas that were thought to be marketing gems no longer work. In an environment where everything is changing quickly, you need to sift through the jargon to find strategies worth their weight in gold. Here are some common PPC myths marketers
should know about;

1. The number one spot is the best

While Google ranking is good for your website’s onlineimage, it may not be the best idea to show up right at the top of organic search results if your approach for PPC advertising is geared towards pushing sales.
You have to remember that each click eats away at your PPC budget so if your get nothing from the click, then you don’t need it to use up your funds.

The top spot might have a noticeably higher cost per click than the second or third spots. You shouldn’t be anxious to get to the top spot in organic search results, at least not with PPC marketing. If you are looking to get the most out of every click, you have to find a position that allows you to strike a balance.

The best way strike the right conversion rate for your campaign would be to deliver the most relevant information. A misleading advert is the first turnoff for visitors to your site. Visitors should know what to expect when they land on your page.

2. PPC is only good for generating leads and sales

Granted, these are the two most important aspects for this type of marketing, but they shouldn’t keep you from noticing the subtleties of PPC marketing. They are typically advertisements that are designed to push you to take some action but can also work well for brand

If you intend to use pay-per-click marketing for brand awareness, you can easily do this by submitting your brand
name as a keyword, which ensures it appears twice on the first page in organic search results. By appearing more than once on the SERP (search engine result page), you give yourself credibility and improve your status as an authority in your niche.

In addition to getting your brand out there, pay-per-click can be the right way to test a new concept. PPC
platforms allow you to adjust your message and concept quickly. It is the most accessible and low-risk way of trying out new messaging approaches.

3. PPC is a short term strategy

PPC has the potential to increase your bottomline overnight but this doesn’t mean this is how it always goes. Sometimes, you have to nurture your campaign a little longer even though you may not be
breaking even.

PPC advertising may be growing and changing in every aspect, but you have to be sure follow the right
advice. These are just a few of the myths that might blotch your airtight strategy,so stay wary of them.