Audience targeting using Google AdWords

Online marketing has many aspects. It is important to know how to compete with other businesses in this digital platform. It is about time you take advantage of target marketing through Google Adwords.

We’ll tell you how by answering the questions you are sure to ask.

What is Target Marketing?

A specific business sells or caters to a certain demographic. That specific demographic is your target audience.

Online target marketing can be done with the help of search engines. You want your business ads to be listed among the top search results.

There is no better time to be marketed more than when a potential customer is actually looking to avail of a certain service.

So how do you do it? You can work your butt off optimizing your content to search engines. The probability of being listed among the top results isn’t certain though. Or you can pay Google to list you instead.

You can market your brand, product or service by paying Google to list your ad among the top results of related queries.

You will need to specify keywords and keyphrases you think your target market will use when searching Google.

Although other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing have their advertising schemes as well, we’ll focus on Google for now.

What is Google AdWords?

If you pay for Google AdWords, your ads will be listed among the top results of related queries with a small yellow label, ‘Ad.’ Should searchers click on your ad, traffic will be directed to your website – ripe for picking.

AdWords is a marketing system encompassing products and services on Google’s search engine and all affiliated sites. Text advertisment will be listed among the top results when searchers ‘ask’ using words related to your product or service.

As a business, your job is to create ads and identify specific keywords and keyphrases for Google to use as cues when listing your ad in the search results.

How does Adwords Target a Specific Audience?

There are different ways for Google to target a specific market or the perfect customer.

One is called Keyword Targeting. You, the marketer, will specify keywords that searchers may use.

Another is called Device Targeting. Here, audiences are chosen based on the type of device they are using. Devices may be mobile or desktop, Android or iOS and so on.

Another is Location and Language Targeting. The geographical setting of the searcher and the language a searcher uses will play a part in determining whether they are possible customers.

Google also uses a person’s interest and past searches as variables for audience targeting.

You can also select topics or pick websites that your customers visit to feature your ads.

And lastly, Google also makes use of Remarketing. If a customer browsed through your website, they will see your ads everywhere online, in social media sites, even in other websites and search results.

How Adwords Work for You

When a searcher uses keywords, your business and similar businesses will be listed in the top part of the search results. However, there are other principles that factor in each time Google lists a paid ad.

Bid using Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPM)

Bidding on advertisements can be done via pay-per-click. This is how much you are willing to pay Google everytime someone clicks on your ad. The amount you pay is compared to other marketers who chose the same set of keywords.

You may also bid through cost-per-impression. CPM is a less common option wherein you pay Google for listing your ad 1000 times.

Earn a High Quality Score

Your past number of clicks and the relevance of where searchers are directed play an important role. Yes, the landing page is that important. When a searcher clicks on your ad, where are they redirected? If it is a generic landing page, it isn’t going to make the cut.

Your ad’s usefulness and relevance is your quality score. The higher it is, the more likely it is for Google to feature your ad even if your bid isn’t as high as your rival’s.

Why Pay for Google AdWords?

AdWords is a tried and tested marketing strategy. Many consumers click on ads as search results, despite the little label, not knowing that they are ads.

It is so effective that searchers usually ignore the organic search results listed further down, especially when their device has a small screen.

Being listed among the top of search results can be achieved with AdWords and SEO polished content. The main idea is identifying who your customers are in order to know how to properly reach out to them.

It is the best way to maximize the benefits of Google Adwords.