All about Facebook’s new ad transparency

Facebook has just announced its new plan to increase ad authentication requirement and transparency for advertisers. This move comes amid ongoing probe on how Russia used this giant social media platform to influence November 2016 presidential elections. So what changes should you expect? In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about Facebook ads transparency.

New ad changes

Facebook is keen to provide news ways for people to view all ads that businesses are advertising on this social platform any time with the introduction of new ads option. From next month, users will be able to click a view ads option and see ads that are running on a certain page regardless of whether the person viewing the page is the intended target audience or not. All ads will be associated with a page. In addition to that, the tab will also show all ads running across Facebook, messenger, Instagram and Facebook audience network. The company will start with a test in Canada.

Political ads

For political ads, the company has said that they will provide an archive of ads as opposed to only allowing ads to run all through. In addition to that, Facebook is planning to provide an in depth information especially for ads that focus on politics. Some of the information that Facebook will provide include impression delivered, total ads spend as well as demographic insight. The new changes that Facebook will be making will bring to an end the appearance of post that target specific audience but don’t appear on advertiser actual page making it hard to be accessed by those who have not been targeted. According to Facebook, this is exactly how political groups with bad intentions use Facebook to spread hate and division. They spread specific ads to vulnerable audience in order to spark movements.

Competitive intelligence

The new ad transparency that Facebook is set to roll out will help advertisers by giving them crucial information about their competitors. Advertisers will now access full list of campaigns as well as type of ads that are being run by their competitors. Access to this information will not automatically mean that it will be easy for a business to beat its competitors but it will provide crucial information on the performance of certain ads.

Facebook has also come up with new verification rules for political advertisers. The new transparency measures will require political advertisers to produce thorough documentation before they are allowed to place an ad on Facebook. The company says that political advertisers will be required to verify their location, identity as well as the fact that the ad that they are about to post is election related. The company is also aware that some people will try to dodge their new set of requirements and that is why they are building a new machine learning tools that will help to identify political ads to make sure that they quickly identify political advertisers who fail to identify themselves. Facebook has said that the new transparency will help everyone including reporters and political watchdog groups to keep advertisers accountable.