How can Your Business Start Advertising on Amazon and Boost Your Sales?

Amazon is THE go-to marketplace for millions of consumers across the globe. Hard as it may be to believe, 43 percent of the United States’ online retail sales were performed through Amazon in 2016 – a significant rise from 33 percent in 2015.

On top of that, Amazon Prime continues to grow, boasting 80 million members right here in the States today. With such a massive global user-base, Amazon is one of the leading online advertising networks, offering every business the chance to boost their visibility and sales.

But how does it work, and what types of ads are available?

Getting Started: Know Your Ads

Your Amazon ads will appear as sponsored posts at the top of customers’ search results, depending on the keywords they enter into the search box. Companies can claim these sponsored positions by bidding on certain keywords, and whenever a consumer clicks on the ad, the business will be charged the agreed rate.

Overall, there are two different types of Amazon ad: self-service and premium. The former applies to products displayed as standard results (usually with an image of said item, a price, and a star-rating), while the latter appear as more visually-appealing displays in side bars and banners. These can be displayed on additional websites outside of Amazon, as ads do within the Google Display Network.

Your options are:

Sponsored Products

These are some of the most common ads you’ll find on Amazon, denoted by the ‘ad’ text above them. These are displayed alongside organic results, and respond to certain keywords based upon the scheme your business opts for: broad match, exact, or phrase.

You can decide on a daily spend amount and advertising-campaign length for your sponsored product ads (though there is a minimum period of one day available).


Headline ads are presented on Amazon’s search result pages above the rest of the listings, and typically lead customers to a specific landing page with full branding for your business.

These ads can advertise multiple products in combination, and keyword matches are available in exact or phrase formats.

Product Displays

These ads are based on searchers’ interests or similar products, enabling you to target those looking for goods within your field.

You can select from many different interests and products to target, and these can appear across Amazon’s review pages, listing pages, or even their marketing emails (taking your brand beyond the site).

Getting the Most Out of Your Amazon Ads

Tailoring your Amazon ads is just as important as in your other PPC campaigns. You have to make sure you’re selling your brand and your mission along with your products, using irresistible copy and eye-catching headlines.

At Shalmie, our team of experts have years of experience helping businesses just like yours see real results that make a difference. We can create bespoke Amazon ads that suit your enterprise and target demographic perfectly.

Want to learn more about using Amazon ads to boost your online sales? Give us a call or drop us an email now!