5 Advantages of PPC Versus SEO

For as long as both have been around, there has been debate over whether PPC or SEO is better from an advertising point of view. While we’re not here to debate that, at least not now, understanding some of the differences, and some of the advantages of PPC, can help better identify some of the tools that can help you better manage PPC.


The reliability of PPC speaks to why it is so important as a digital marketing tool. In simplest terms, when you pay enough, you get top placement and it generates traffic right away. It’s fast, nimble, and pretty much guaranteed.

In terms of reliability, Wordstream is one tool that allows users to manage campaigns simply and effectively. Yes, there is a cost involved but when, as it says on their website, you can Analyze – Optimize – Maximize as easy as steps one, two, and three, in the realm of reliable, it’s worth it.

More Control

PPC BidMax is a tool that helps users manage all campaigns from one platform and really, how much control could you want? Whether it is Yahoo, Google or Bing, PPC BidMax calls itself “unrivaled in automated PPC software” and the “ultimate software”. The flexibility it offers to import and create across the various programs, and then to automate, see keyword bidding history and more, gives users more control and manageability than many options.

Analytical Statistics

PPC also tops SEO when it comes to analytical statistics. Optmyzr offers a wide range of tools that allow users to perform a variety of tasks including One-Click Optimization, Data Insights, Reporting, Enhanced Scripts, Shopping Ads Tools and Bid Management. Customer quotes on the company’s website reference it as an asset, and “drastically improving” performance.

It is also worthwhile, in looking at tools that can make PPC more effective, to look at some of PPC’s challenges and the tools that can help here.

Bidding War

Advertising costs can rise quickly during a bidding war over specific keywords. Before you get caught up in a war you can’t win, iSpionage lets you see which keywords competitors may be targeting, as well as a peak at what their PPC budget might be so you can plan you own strategies.


While PPC isn’t hugely complex, it can be for people without experience, or people who are only using it for the occasional one-off campaign or test. PPC Samurai offers easy to use software and is ideal for Ad Testing, making it perfect for individual campaigns or issues.

The question of SEO or PPC comes down often to the experience and mindset of the team, or the person driving the effort. With these and other tools however, it is easy to test PPC, to see the results it can drive, and how relatively simple it is to use. In today’s competitive landscape, it is worth the effort to investigate all possible options, to see which delivers the best results, and which you can target the most effectively to reach your preferred audience.