How to Take Advantage of the Power of Amazon PPC Advertising

Amazon has a mega-plan to break up the Google-Facebook stranglehold of the online advertising space — and it is soon coming into the scene with a bang. While the firm has simply been hosting ads on its website, now it wants to share even the profits cake! One of the ways Amazon is planning to achieve this is by launching its own version of a video placement platform to compete with Google’s YouTube. The online retail behemoth is also aggressively marketing its Amazon Marketing Services platform.

What more to prove that Amazon’s efforts are bearing fruits than this particular platform’s increasing uptake by consumers and a positive forecast for 2018? The Extended Amazon Ad Network has also been touted as another feather in Amazon’s cap to look out for as the Jeff Bezos-led company spreads its tentacles into advertising. So, how can your online business benefit from the expected Amazon disruption of the online advertising space?

What opportunities will the new ad offerings bring and how can your brand get ready?

1) Take Advantage of Amazon’s Hyper-Attention on Customers Sellers have sometimes accused Amazon of being “too focused” on buyer satisfaction and neglecting sellers. As a business, you can turn this customer-focused interaction into an advertising opportunity. Follow up with buyers post-delivery to ensure everything is okay to raise your brand’s likelihood of good reviews/feedback and more referrals.

2) Make Good Use of Powerful Amazon Tools Have you used Amazon Sponsored Products? What about Headline Search Ads? These are great Amazon tools that can add value to your product and content visibility online. Sponsored Products Ads (SPAs) are currently the best way to reach targeted Amazon PPC shoppers. Get an SPA ad campaign manager for further help.

3) Optimize Your Product Listings for Amazon PPC Advertising Make your product and content most visible to the Amazon A9 search algorithm. Target a higher ranking than your competitors by putting in more value. Let your products not only speak to the algorithm but also be the most sought-after by shoppers.

4) Use Sales and Promo Campaigns Running promos and offering deals is a proven way to not only bring in more customers but also to make even the existing ones spend more. This is even more lucrative in the holiday season. Use promos and coupons to make your products stand out. Go beyond just Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

5) Help Amazon Help You! Make use of Amazon’s Seller Rank, Product Categorization and Velocity. Seller Rank is applicable in all categories in the Amazon platform. The online retailer wants to both reward top sellers and help up-and-comers rise to the top. Know your niche and shine in it. Move your products faster and Amazon will help you gain more visibility. PARTING SHOTOur list of the things you need to be doing in order to benefit from the opportunities expected to spring out of Amazon PPC advertising is by no means exhaustive. More options will emerge as the online retail giant’s new eCommerce section takes shape and gets further entrenched in the market. Keep your eye on the lookout.