8 Disadvantages of Closing Your AdWords Account

Clients usually decide to disable their adwords accounts because of various reasons. Some of these reasons include: being overwhelmed by huge volume of customer orders that their adwords accounts is generating, not being able to
meet production needs of customers or for the purpose of saving costs. Regardless of the reason, closing your adwords account without any concrete reason is not a good idea. It can have bad long term implications not only to your marketing campaign but also to your business. In this article, we are going to discuss 8
Disadvantages of Closing Your AdWords Account.

Closing Account
1. You will incur clean-up costs

When clients close their AdWords Accounts then return after a few weeks or months and request the advertising agency to manage their accounts again, the clients will actually force the advertising agency to start from scratch. They will start the process from the scratch just like someone who is opening a new account. It will take a lot of time to go through your account settings and make necessary adjustments. The process is much complex than opening a new account. As a result, you will be required to pay clean-up costs which is actually much higher than the cost that you would have incurred if you allowed the advertising agency to continue managing your account.

2. You will waste money on irrelevant ads

If you leave your account to run unsupervised, you actually risk pulling irrelevant traffic to your site. One of the main function of PPC manager is to closely monitor your account and weed out terms that will attract
untargeted traffic. This will ensure that you only get relevant traffic with high conversion rate. However, if your account does to have good account management, you will end up wasting your hard earned money because you will pull non-target traffic.

3. You will lose “first mover” advantage

Google usually introduce new AdWords features on regular basis. This means that you have to constantly check the adwords help to see the new changes that Google has made. If your AdWords account is not managed by a professional
adverting agency, you will miss out on these opportunities.

4. Automatic changes that will affect your account

From time to time, Google usually make new changes then set deadline on when you need to make changes on your account. If your account is not active, you will not make necessary changes on time. As a result, Google will
make the new changes on your behalf. Most changes that Google will make on your behalf are not the ones that you would make if you made the changes yourself.

5. You will miss out great opportunities.

You will lose great opportunities that would have boost your ROI if you allowed your account to be managed by an agency instead of closing it. Advertising agencies usually conduct different tests on headlines to see how they
are performing. Sometimes the outcome is usually the same while at other time, they usually discover that some headlines are outperforming others. If your account is not active, then you will miss out in this great opportunity of boosting your ROI.

6. Your competitors will outsmart you

If you close your PPC adverting campaign, you must remember that your competitor’s are not sleeping. By the time you decide to activate your account, you will have to work extra hard to catch up with your competitors.

7. Increased cost per click

When you close your account for weeks or months, there is huge chance that you will experience increased cost per click when you finally activate your accounts. If your intention was saving on cost, you may realize later
that your effort was in vain because you will pay an increased cost than what you were used to.

8. Slow click volumes

If you close your account then reopen it later, chances are that you may record sluggish click volumes.