5 Trends That Will Shape PPC in 2018

2018 is sure to be a disruptive year with regards to PPC trends. The new year might signal the start of the integration of artificial intelligence in copy drafting, audience targeting, and performance tracking. In the sphere of internet marketing, the unexpected always happens. You are likely to find yourself at the mercy of algorithms that will shake you out of your comfort zone.


Structured data

2018 going forward, search engines will demand marketers, and brand owners upload detailed product information like product titles, images, description and key features. Such information will be used to enrich search engines’ product catalog. However, it will be no wonder if a search engine like Google pulls such feeds to include in ads on web pages or search results.

Amazon’s search ads

For a long time, Amazon has been green-eyed over Google’s bigger share in the search market. The ecommerce giant has been working on a search and display platform that will enable customers to make purchases directly from ads with a one-click checkout. Search ads are expected to change the landscape of online marketing and buying and selling in 2018.

Amazon is also eyeing Google and Facebook’s video business. However, Google has not been left behind with innovations in the ads search business. The company has now partnered with major retailers like Walmart and Costco to streamline checkout from ads starting 2018.

Voice and visual search

Voice search is fast growing in popularity. It is now possible to make an internet search using full sentences. The voice results you get with a search might limit the impact of AdWords. The same applies to visual searches with Google Lens. As more and more people jump aboard the audio and visual searches, 2018 will call upon internet marketers to build ads specifically designed to handle these capabilities.

Artificial intelligence

The work of setting up PPC ads might get taken over by robotics in 2018. Improved automation in PPC will greatly influence the impact of the ads. We can say for certain that PPC managers will go out of work as digital agencies find ways to automate creation, rotation and bid optimization. As disruptive as this might be, those that adapt will be able to take advantage of such automation to dominate in their PPC advertisements.

Multichannel advertising

Facebook and Google have been receiving the bulk of PPC adverts placements. Even though marred by lack of transparency and errors in performance metrics, brand owners have had to cope up with that. 2018 will bring a change thanks to the increased PPC automation. Marketers will have enough time to look for opportunities elsewhere apart from the two giants. Its predicted that both search engines and social media sites would equally be used. It’s highly likely that Bing and LinkedIn will rise to get more digital ad revenues.

Beyond that, there is likely to be improved targeting enabled by machine learning. Marketers will be able to segment and personalize their messages for different demographics based on age, gender and life events among others. That’s a factor that will improve the effectiveness of PPC ads

Being aware of the above PPC trends might help you stay ahead of the game in 2018.