5 Tips in Designing a Kick Ass Facebook Ad Campaign

A lot of advertisers gamble in coming up with a perfect ad each day. They pour out all their creative juices to ensure that they create profitable ads that would reach their target market and boost the sales of their products and/or services. They take a risk and spend a lot of money on ads to spread word about their products and services.

In the world today where social media has a big influence in our lives, it’s just right to take advantage of social media and post ad campaigns. Almost every social-networking platform has its own advertising system but Facebook stands out among them because of its features and audience. Before you waste money and throw your resources down the drain, it is necessary to understand how advertising in Facebook works so that you can come up with strategies to succeed in coming up with a killer campaign.

Here are some tips to help you create a kick ass Facebook ad campaign and be a Facebook Ads Expert:

#1: Study your Facebook Audience

Facebook Audience Insights is a Facebook tool which gives you an idea on specific audiences. This powerful tool mines Facebook data and shows who your target market is by basing it on the people who already like your page.

You can start a testing process by breaking down the different elements that make up your ad  based on the likes on your page. For your target audience, check the country, gender, age, interests, education level, relationship status, and purchase behaviors. You can narrow down your target market by doing so.

Check which contents, headlines, promotions, and images are most appealing based on the likes on your page. From these elements, you can come up with ideas for your ad design.

If you do not have a Facebook page, you can enforce Facebook pixel on your site which will allow Facebook to track the user behavior of the people who check your website and link it to their Facebook account. It can also follow a prospective customer’s actions comprehensively.

#2: Create One-of-a-Kind Ads for Unique Audiences

Given that you have different audiences, you can create unique ads for different sets of audience. Facebook advertising platform allows this because ads have different impact and appeal to different sets of audience.

For example, you are a company that sells gadgets. You might have a new laptop that is out in the market and you want to target students and professionals to get the same product. Colorful and catchy ads will appeal to the students while serious ads that relate the product to work or to the office would most likely appeal more to the professionals. The two ads are completely unique but you are promoting the same product.

#3: Choose Appealing Offers with Greater Impact

As they say, offers can make or break your campaign. Companies that sell products and services with huge discounts and freebies make a good impact on potential customers. Displaying these kinds of offers will immediately attract people’s attention and entice them to check your products and services.

Some offers that have a good impact on society are also appealing to a lot of people. For example, Toms Shoes is successful in selling its products because its assurance that for every product that you buy, a portion of it will go to someone in need like victims of disasters and calamities, poor people, etc.

Displaying offers that have a greater impact will definitely boost your Facebook Ads Campaign.

#4: Use Striking Images

A picture is worth a thousand words and this holds true for advertising. Visual content is far more influential and enticing than textual content. Travel blogs that show attractive images of beautiful destinations get more audience hooked than travel blogs that have a complete guide in traveling to these destinations.

Use photos that will grab the attention of potential customers and these photos don’t necessarily have to be photos of your products.

#5 Interact with your Audience

Customers usually think that companies don’t really care about the comments posted on their websites or social networks. Interacting with your customers gives you an edge because it makes them think that you care about what they think about your product. You are there to protect your brand and maintain a fun and interactive environment without losing your professionalism. Simply knowing that you care about your potential customers creates curiosity in others and who knows, they might just click on your post just by seeing the interaction between you and your customers.

 There is more to Facebook Ads than what we know. Try to learn about the different tools that Facebook offers to help you maximize the potential of your campaign ads.