5 Great Ways To Get Your AdWords Account Ready For Spring

After the winter season, it is time to make sure that your AdWords account is ready for spring. You have to look at some of the elements that might slow your account. You should clean it up to make it more functional and effective again in allowing reach your set goals. To assist you in the process, here are great ways to get your AdWords account ready for spring.

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1. Eliminate keywords with no value

There are low search volume keywords that might not be of value to your account. These are keywords that are not searched, meaning they just take unnecessary volume. They also affect the filtering process and quick optimization. By eliminating such low volume search keywords, you will have a less cluttered account that allows you to identify optimization opportunities in an accurate and quick way.

2. Get rid of keywords with low impression

Low impression keywords are those that you keep in your AdWords account with the hope that they will have positive effects, but fail to do so. Their failure shows that they are not impressive, so there is no need to have them in your account. You should only ensure you have keywords that are working for you. If you have keywords with less than fifty impressions over the past one year, you should eliminate them. However, do not get rid of those you feel can be boosted to get more impressions.

3. Remove inactive labels

When you go through your labeling system, you will note that there are labels that are not required. You can recognize them by navigating through the labels page and find those that are inactive. Check those that are not assigned to any keywords, ad groups and campaigns. Remove them from your account, but avoid getting rid of those that are currently inactive, but they might be used when their right time comes.

4. Pull out Ad groups with no impressions

Ad groups play a vital role in your AdWords campaign, but like just as with keywords, there are those with no impression for over the
past one year. Since they are not valuable for your business; you need to remove them too. Check those purposeless Ad Groups with zero impressions and taking unnecessary space. However, avoid removing those that are newly created and are yet to start gaining traffic. You should also consider whether they have been paused for a while for different reasons.

5. Change or stop campaigns bringing less results

If there are areas you are doing too much campaigns, but getting no or less results, it time you rethink about the strategy. All you need to do is to monitor your campaigns and check those bringing less traffic. You should consider if there are campaigns bringing low traffic, but can be integrated into other campaigns. This makes you have a simple account that you can manage more effectively and attain great results.

Bottom line

By applying the above cleaning tips, your AdWords account will be ready for spring. You will be able to make well informed decisions and focus more on what will bring great results.