5 AdWords Tips to Drive Sales Online for Your eCommerce Store

In today’s competitive world, most businesses are becoming familiar with Google AdWords. Advertising on Google AdWords is one of the cost-effective ways of marketing an eCommerce store. Adwords should also be noted that it’s a complex system that needs constant monitoring of campaigns and also being up to date with all latest trends and developments which can be somehow tricky for business owners to manage. However, in this article we’ll look at top 5 Adwords tips and tactics that will help you manage your campaigns in order to capture the opportunities that your competitors might be missing out:


1. Improve your CTR by using Ad extensions

One of the best things about AdWords is the broad range of its features, which enable one to get the most out of a particular spending and also maximizes the reach among all potential clients and visitors to a website. They’re usually easy to implement and thus allowing a quick increase of the real estate share on Google search results pages with minimum efforts. The ad extensions are quick to set up and have a positive effective on click-through rates (CTR) since they increase space that your ad takes up on the page.

2. Use negative keywords

Using negative keywords reduces the overall costs and also increases ROI. If the person managing your AdWords campaigns isn’t using negative keywords, then you should question why. The negative keywords help to specify keywords that you don’t want the ads to appear. If your negative keyword list lacks the keyword free’, then you’re likely to incur more costs from individuals who click on your ads when searching for free software products. This becomes harmful on your ROI since it means that one is wasting money on people who are unlikely to buy anything.

3. Use impression share data

Impression share data is among the under-utilized sources of data in Google AdWords. It’s simply a metric in the AdWords account that shows the percentage of available impressions the ads are appearing on Google for. If the impression share for a certain campaign is low, it means that you’re missing out on clicks as well as traffic and a review of your campaigns might be required. To increase the impression share, you need to make the keywords more relevant to your ad copy, and importantly to the landing page. Simply optimizing these particular areas means that your ads begin to become more relevant.

4. Use remarketing

This is a powerful AdWords tool that helps in generating more e-commerce conversions since it allows one to build a long-term relationship with all customers. Most users tend to forget about a certain brand once they’ve navigated away from your site. However, remarketing helps you to continue marketing to different users with some creative ads and thus building your brand over time. Through this, if you see customers purchasing your products, then there’re high chances of them returning back to your website more often.

5. Use Google shopping ads

They’re a powerful tool that can help in boosting sales. Setting them up isn’t complicated since you first need a Google Merchant Account. From that account, you will be able to give Google a product feed or if y any case you use any other platform like Shopify, then this feed can be created by the use of Google Shopping plugin. Google then automatically displays the products in this feed to customers based on keywords they search for. This creates a better opportunity for generating click-through that will give a better chance of driving more sales for your eCommerce store.

These are some of the top AdWords tips that will help you drive more sales online for your eCommerce store.