10 PPC Writing Best Practices for Making Your Ads Extra Efficient

PPC ads have two sides. They can be extremely profitable or
they can be a total waste of time. The difference between the two actually
depends on how you craft your ad text. Most people usually think that writing a
good PPC ad is easy but that it not true. You have to be extremely creative in order
to catch the eye of your targeted clients. The bad news is that PPC ads have no
winning formula. However, there are number of strategies that you can implement
to make your PPC ads stronger. In this article, we are going to give you 10
AdWords PPC best practices to make your ads more efficient.

PPC AdWords

1. Know your target market

Most people usually talk about their business when writing PPC
ads. That is a good thing but it is not what you are supposed to do. Clients usually
come to your business because they are looking for something, not because they
want to know about your business. The best way to catch the attention of your
target clients to demonstrate to them that you actually understand their problem
and you can solve them.

2. Talk to your target audience

When you speak directly to your audience, it not only makes
them feel special but it also makes them feel that you understand their problem.
If you want to create the good relationship with your target clients, then you
must show them that you understand their problem and you have the right

3. Take advantage of emotional triggers

Ads that are boring are useless and complete waste of time
and money. If no one feels moved to click your ads, then there is no reason to
even publish it. It is therefore very important to make sure that you choose
your words wisely. Know what your target clients’ needs and create an ad will trigger
emotion to your target audience to make them click on the ad. Don’t just focus
of positive feeling. You can also use negative feeling to trigger your customers
to take an action.

4. Use number

Numbers don’t lie. If you want to draw more people to your
ads, then figures and numbers will help you achieve that. One of the best ways
to use numbers is by advertising a sale or price of your products. In addition
to that, you can also share numerical statistics of your business including the
number of customer that you have helped to date or sale that you have made. Don’t
round off numbers, instead, use exact numbers because people tend to trust accurate
numbers more.

5. Eliminate objections

Most customer need more convincing to take an action (click
on the ad or make a purchase). It is therefore
very important to come up with common objections about the services that you render
and address them well on your ad. If you eliminate all the reasons why your audience
should not click on the ad, then they will feel more at ease and are likely to click
the ad.

6. Use all the space given

Google adwords usually allocate two 30 character headlines
and 80 character description. Don’t waste the space that you have been allocated.
Instead maximize it by packing all necessary information. Don’t forget about your
ad extensions and display URL.

7. Make it clear to your audience what makes you stand out

Your target clients will only click on your ads if they
stand out from the rest. It is therefore very important to tell your audience
what makes you stand out from the rest. Therefore, if your business has special
offer or if you have won any awards, don’t hesitate to display that information
to your customers.

8. Go local

Studies show that most people trust local brands over large,
established national corporations. It is therefore very important to emphasize
on your location so that your customers can know that you business is easily accessible.
You don’t have to operate in a single location to in order to use the local
image, if you are operating on multiple locations, you can actually separate
your AdWords PPC so that they run in different geographical locations then use specific
terms on each ad.

9. Have a compelling call to action

Most people usually use worn out call to action such as “call
now”. Instead of using such words, come up with creative and strong call to
action that will trigger your clients to take an action. You know exactly what your customers want. Therefore,
use words such as “save”, “build” or “get” that will compel them to take an

10. Test your PPC ads frequently

The best and surest way to know if your ads and giving you ROI
is by testing them frequently. The more you test, the more data you will
collect. This will help you to identify the pattern of your ads. It is very
important to adjust your strategies based on facts instead of guesswork.